Eyelash Extensions

When eyelash extensions are performed by a Misencil® technician, the procedure is very safe and painless.

About Getting Eyelash Extensions: What Happens?

During the entire process, you will lie down and close your eyes.

First, the technician will put patches around you eyes to protect your skin.

Next the extensions will be individually applied directly on your natural lashes without touching the skin.

Plan for one and a half to two hours for a full set application.

You will enjoy longer and thicker eyelashes at last!

How Long do the Lashes Last?

Your natural eyelashes have a lifespan of about 3 to 4 weeks so fills will be recommended every 3 to 4 weeks on average to maintain the original fullness.

Fills take about 30 minutes, and replace the natural lashes you have lost.

Are Eyelash Extensions Safe?

The extensions are applied on eyelashes one by one–without touching the skin. This technique is not harmful to natural eyelashes and the lashes are very light-weight.

How Do Technicians Become Certified?

After small group training, students become certified to apply extensions only after submitting photographs of their work to Miscensil for review. The students also receive training in areas like sanitation and security, and put their knowledge into practice on live models.

Miscensil training and support is ongoing and students are offered more one on one help after the course is finished and they are working in the field.

What Kind of Glue Is It?

Miscensil glue features quick polymerizing and adhesive qualities. This type of glue is commonly used by health professionals to reconnect tissues as an alternative to sutures. It is also used for ophthalmic surgical procedures. Our glue was exclusively developed for eyelash extensions application.

What Makes Misencil® Eyelash Extensions Special?

Misencil® eyelashes are applied one by one and stay in place perfectly. Lash sections are too heavy and fall out easily. Each Misencil® eyelash extension is coated with a microtexture for better adhesion.

How Can I Help My New Extensions Last Longer?

Misencil® offers a comprehensive line of cosmetic products that are exclusively developed for the care and maintenance of eyelash extensions. To optimize the lifespan of your permanent eyelashes, daily care is recommended.

Misencil® speaks of ‘permanent’ lashes, whereas other brands offer ‘semi-permanent’ lashes. What is the difference between the two? – Just like your hair, eyelashes grow and fall out. In fact, we lose between 10 and 15 lashes every month. The term ‘semi-permanent’ refers to eyelash extensions that fall out before natural lashes do so. On the other hand, if the eyelash extension stays perfectly in place during the entire lifespan of the natural lash (3 to 4 weeks on average), ‘permanent’ is the appropriate word to use.

Are You Ready to Get Your Eyelash Extensions?

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